About ARIA Health Services

At ARIA Health Services, our clients are like family

Attention to Values

One of our core values is to be client-led. We know that comes only through careful and attentive listening. We provide many ways for our clients to give us feedback, through open online forums, focus groups, during our Annual User Conference, and through many other communication channels. We actively maintain a Customer Advisory Council to provide consistent feedback and guidance.

Our Mission

ARIA is your partner in ensuring an efficient medical operation. The work we do allows you and your teams to focus on patients while we work hard for you and take care of everything else.

Our History

For over 23 years we have remained true to our founding principles. The ideal of working towards healthier patients by allowing physicians to focus on patients continues to be the driving force with powerful EHR, revenue cycle, credentialing, and enrollment services.

We are dedicated to leveraging the latest information technology to make it easier for physicians to practice medicine and run their businesses. Our history of meeting government certifications and mandates allows you to maximize your revenues and helps avoid penalties. Our entire team maintains a commitment to physicians’ ability to deliver the best care.

We see a continued future where we work together with physicians of a multitude of backgrounds to make the practice of medicine enjoyable and fulfilling. The entire ARIA team looks forward to you joining us in making history by helping build the best integrated systems and services.