Business Process Outsourcing

Successful workforce augmentation solutions that help you meet your business demands at a fraction of the cost.

Business Process Outsourcing

Greater Scalability at a Fraction of the Time and Cost

One of the greatest challenges facing healthcare organizations is resource scalability to meet business demands. The cost of recruiting, training, ramping up and developing resources to meet practice demands continue to increase exponentially. Ensuring availability of skilled operational and or niche resources can mean having these resources sit idle during periods of low demand or change. In addition, many organizations have faced scalability limitations due to lack of facility space.


Successful Solutions for Your Business Needs

ARIA has over two decades experience developing successful business process outsourcing solutions that help organizations meet business demands at a fraction of the cost. Our team of regulatory, payment, and credentialing experts provide organizations with greater scalable flexibility that reduces resource ramp-up time and cost. Organizations can concentrate on implementing go-to-market strategies without the constraints of hiring additional resources.

Our Dual-Shore model of over 1,500 full time employees provides full or partial revenue cycle management services from front end all the way to aged A/R services, credentialing and enrollment services as well as business process outsource management.  Your dedicated US-based account manager will act as an extension of your business.


Your Choice, Your Team

With ARIA’s business process outsourcing model, you can choose the candidates and manage them the way you prefer. We’ll take over all the organizational and administrative hassles, while you deal with your core responsibilities and collaborate with your augmented team just as if they were your in-house team.

"A cost-effective resource combined with efficiency and accuracy are just a few of the reasons we chose ARIA Health Service's workforce augmentation services. Aria has an experienced team of professionals that understand our scope of business, allowing us to assign projects to them with confidence. They were able to spin up a team at a fraction of the cost, saving us time and money without sacrificing quality."
Tanya Padgett
Director of RCMVituOx, Inc.

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