Credentialing, CVO, & Professional Licensing Services

Leave your primary source verification needs to the experts.


Primary Source Verification with a Certified Organization

As a fully certified NCQA Certified Credentials Verification Organization, you can be assured our staff are trained in performing primary source verifications according to stringent NCQA standards. If you are a practice of 10 or more providers, we can help you get quality provider reviews without having to invest in staff and infrastructure.


Why is Certification Important?

Achieving CVO certification from NCQA demonstrates that ARIA has the systems, processes and personnel in place to thoroughly and accurately verify your providers’ credentials and help health plan clients meet their accreditation goals.

Eliminate Headaches and Hassles with ARIA Credential

Let’s face it, credentialing can be a drag. The paperwork is tedious and labor intensive. If your organization is overwhelmed or anticipating an influx of files, contact us today.

We can help you turn around your projects in 2-3 business days.

Transparent and Easy Medical Licensing Services

Applying for a physician license is a complex, time-consuming process. However, it’s becoming increasingly more common and necessary for physicians to obtain multiple state medical licenses – especially with the rise in telemedicine and multi-state healthcare organizations.

CompuGroup Medical’s ARIA Credentialing team is experienced in working with providers to submit Professional licensing applications across the United States. We know the ins-and-outs, specific requirements, and how to make it a seamless process for our clients.

Monitor Your Applications from the Convenience of Your Computer

We make it easy and efficient for you to monitor the status of your applications through our proprietary online portal. As a partner with your organization, we believe in full transparency.

Get Rid of Your Credentialing Hassles Today!