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Easy Provider Enrollment for any Health Plan or Provider

ARIA’s provider enrollment services are designed to simplify the time consuming process of on-boarding new clinicians. Our team of experts will help keep revenue and payments flowing which ultimately improve provider and patient satisfaction, as well as minimize coverage and referral risks.

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Comprehensive Enrollment Services

We work with all eligible provider types of any specialty and most settings and facilities that have 3 or more providers, except for home health.  We manage the preparation and submission of provider enrollments, responding to tedious payer validations, and keeping your CAQH profiles current to ensure your patients continue to have access to your care.


White Glove Service with Dedicated, Experienced Account Executives

Executing a consistent and reliable enrollment program is not always easy. The volume and variety of information payers need makes this a detail-intensive job that can easily go off track. That is especially true for smaller practices that don’t have the luxury of allocating full-time resources to the enrollment effort. Often times an already busy team member is tasked with managing the enrollment process amidst other priorities. – creating a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, ARIA Enrollment Services makes the process easy.

Our dedicated account executives have over 100 years of combined experience managing provider enrollments. They will guide you through the ins and outs of Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance enrollment ensuring a smooth and easy enrollment process.

"Our daunting challenge was to apply and maintain active enrollment status for our 120-member group in 40 different plans. After failing with an in-house attempt, we turned to ARIA ENROLL. The professionalism and success of ARIA ENROLL has had a significant impact on our bottom line."
Executive Director of a Professional Group in New York with over 100 physicians

Transparent and Easy Application Monitoring and Communications

We make it easy and efficient for you to monitor the status of your applications through our proprietary online portal which includes a real time plan participation tracking grid, enrollment status tracking, and regular reporting communications. As a partner in your practice, we believe in full transparency.

A Differentiated Service:

ARIA HEALTH SERVICES NCQA CVO certification means you can rely upon rigorous processes to get the job done right.

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