Data-Driven Solutions

ARIA Health Service’s technology-backed solutions drive revenue and speed results.

ARIA Health Services Data-Driven Solutions

Accounts Receivable Workflow Technology

Our proprietary Accounts Receivable workflow tool aggregates AR data and stratifies the claims into different queues. Claims with the highest propensity to pay are intelligently prioritized to team work queues – allowing us to maximize the amount of cash flow we can bring in for your business.

The system is intelligent allowing it to learn and adapt over time automatically promoting claims with the highest conversion rates.

In addition to the adaptive learning, ARIA leverages years of experience by implementing specific rules that enhance workflow management, ensuring an incredibly high degree of consistency, accuracy, and revenue velocity for your account.  Examples of assignment rules include time taken by insurance to pay, aged claims, and filing limits per payer. Rules can also be custom-made to fit the nuances and preferences of your operations.

Essentially, any data element provided by the client can be used to specify an account assignment to one or more agent.

Better First Pass Payment Rates with Built in Claims Scrubbing

Our integrated claims scrubbing solution helps identify and remedy claims errors prior to submission. Dynamic editing allows our ARIA experts to tailor solutions to optimize claims based on provider specialty, location, and payer.

Powerful Analytics Demonstrate Performance

On a monthly basis, your ARIA Account Executive will conduct a financial performance review to examine your results against key performance indicators. Our powerful proprietary analytics tool gives us drill-down detail on every aspect of your revenue cycle – going beyond the basics to nitty-gritty that drives your success.


Easy Application Tracking & Monitoring for Enrollment Projects

ARIA PAR is a custom credentialing & enrollment tool created by ARIA’s enrollment experts. We make it easy and efficient for you to monitor the status of your applications through our online portal which includes a real-time plan participation tracking grid, enrollment status tracking, and regular reporting communications.