Recruitment and Management Approach

Our team of regulatory and payment experts are hired using the most stringent hiring protocols. Staff are tailor fit to your business and project needs through our specialized training procedures.

ARIA Talent Acquisition Recruitment and Management

Talent Acquisition

A rigorous recruitment strategy ensures we only bring the best employees to your business. ARIA Health Services has a 60:1 ratio of candidate to new hire.

All new hires are required to have a bachelor’s degree as a minimum education requirement. Over eighty percent have graduate degrees.

Every new hire undergoes a background verification including:

  • Employment review and verification
  • Address verification
  • Criminal record check
  • Education validation

Our candidates are sourced through a variety of channels. But we are particularly proud that sixty percent of our new hires come from employee referrals – a testament to a strong, welcoming work environment.


Talent Development

Prior to being assigned to your team, all new hires go through an in-depth training program to prepare them for the job they are assigned and to familiarize them with your business processes. Each stage includes a milestone assessment.

HR Intro
HIPAA compliance
Insurance Billing Process
Intro to PMS
Billing Concepts
Encounter Review
Payment Entry
Electronic Billing
Coding Overview
Coding Tools
Intro to Client

Application Training
Encounter Reviews
Pre-billing edit correction
Electronic payment review
Claim corrections
Claim settlement
Denial Redressal
Quality check and feedback

Interpreting Denials (10-15 key denials)
Follow up basic denials
Voice & accent training
AR follow up
Mock call sessions
CARC & RARC codes
Claims resubmittals
Quality Check
Sandwiched feedback

Live work assignments
Productivity review
Quality review
Performance evaluation & feedback
Release to floor

In addition to the onboarding training program, each employee is required to complete some soft skill and communication training including:

  • Voice & Accent screening for candidates as pre-qualifier before operational interview round
  • Voice & Accent sessions & Mock Calls in classroom training
  • Specially designed soft skill and communication training by CELTA certified linguistic trainer
  • Developmental training on leadership skills, effective communication, time management, public speaking, body language, email etiquette, customer service and telephone etiquette
  • Call coaching and evaluation based on customer service skills and language

Training doesn’t stop with the onboarding process. There are quarterly classroom sessions, ongoing training on workflows, quality and productivity reviews, and coaching and ongoing counseling to ensure your team stays sharp.